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Very nice use of the 7/4.
A friend of mine and I were actually discussing music in 7/4 yesterday, so this piece seems extremely relevant.
It might be a little short in length, but it doesn't overstay it's welcome.
I can not wait to see what else you might upload.

yet another masterpiece

This piece just grabs a hold of me from start to finish,and it's almost magical how it draws one in.
The story fits seamlessly into the song, and adds another layer of depth to this already beautiful piano solo.

And also, 1:18 was just awe inspiring to me.
It just had so much emotion and power.

You are definitely an amazing artist, and I am always enthralled by each of your wonderful submissions.
Please continue to release pieces with this much emotion.

Jabicho responds:

Thanks so much for those wonderful words! I just came back to check my newgrounds from a long time, It's so cool to find your review, thanks again! I'll be submitting new pieces soon, take care!


Definitely a 10.
This song just rocks so hard.
I cannot wait to listen to your other submissions.

totally ddr

Not gonna lie, this song makes me wanna dance.
And i really don't dance.

Very nice deep beat.

very accurate.

Thank you for uploading this for the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead, of course. :)
It is definitely hard to overstate my satisfaction with this wonderful rendition of this song.
And i'm just making a note here, HUGE success.

But jokes aside, very nice job. :)

pheel responds:

I can't even describe how much you just made me giggle :)

Aha Thanks very much :)


definitely an amazing song. i love everything about it, but it's length.
if it were longer, i would give it a 10.
but other than that, very calming, and very beautiful.

if you decide to make a longer version, please send me a message.
thank you for your contribution to the portal.

Winterwind-NS responds:

I'll try to remember, if I do resubmit this


its so freaking catchy....


very nice.
that definitely fixed it.
im glad i could be of assistance.
very awesome.

KyuubiT responds:

Absolutely i missing sound is never good! without a sound something can be left devoid of any and all character! ^_^ please enjoy all of my music or help me improve it if you like i like it when i get geuine comments espcially when the comment helps me make the song better.



this piece is as majestic as something out of a video game, if not superior.
i commend you on your work so far, and definitely plan to listen to your other creations.
you undoubtedly have a gift for this.
please do not stop making this magic that some call music.

Jabicho responds:

wow, thanks for saying that, hope you like my other pieces! =D I'll let you know when I submit another piece =)

very nice

its very relaxing, very well done, and very final fantasy-ish.
i like it.
but it seems as if its missing a little something.

but overall, very nice.

KyuubiT responds:

it IS final Fantasy FF4 to be exact as your going down into the center of the moon to fight xeromus :) i think i get where your comming from im working on another mix as we speak. thanks for your review! i think i know what its missing i'll pm you when its done



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