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5 stars for 'spider kids'.
I'm gonna use that as a sample for a song.

Sirrom396 responds:

thanks lol and go ahead

As always

Absolutely amazing. Your art style is on a level of it's own. The music you use is always strangely campy, but fits none the less. Your videos always go in a completely different direction than i could ever hope, but definitely for the better. And your videos have such a high level of sophistication and depth, which i feel is a rarity nowadays on the internet.
Thank you so much for this wonderful contribution (along with all of your other videos) to the portal, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.


very nice.
and totally true...

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Very Nice

I loved it. It did everything a game should. Kept me entertained for a good amount of time. And the use of the word "scamper" was definitely well received on my part. The ending was a surprise to say the least. Make sure you keep making games, okay? We need more games like this.

Nice game

The only two issues I have with the game are
1. The height of the jump is independent to how long you hold the space bar.
2. The popup box explaining the new power-up received requires the mouse, and when the mph gets up there, it becomes very hard to successfully get rid of the box and survive.
Other than that, very solid game.

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Very nice use of the 7/4.
A friend of mine and I were actually discussing music in 7/4 yesterday, so this piece seems extremely relevant.
It might be a little short in length, but it doesn't overstay it's welcome.
I can not wait to see what else you might upload.

yet another masterpiece

This piece just grabs a hold of me from start to finish,and it's almost magical how it draws one in.
The story fits seamlessly into the song, and adds another layer of depth to this already beautiful piano solo.

And also, 1:18 was just awe inspiring to me.
It just had so much emotion and power.

You are definitely an amazing artist, and I am always enthralled by each of your wonderful submissions.
Please continue to release pieces with this much emotion.

Jabicho responds:

Thanks so much for those wonderful words! I just came back to check my newgrounds from a long time, It's so cool to find your review, thanks again! I'll be submitting new pieces soon, take care!


Definitely a 10.
This song just rocks so hard.
I cannot wait to listen to your other submissions.


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